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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I need to return to a simple livestyle ....

Less than a hundred years ago, the small farm was the King . And if folks didnt  live on a farm, at least they had chickens in their backyards and grew their own vegetables.( look up Norveft Pa. I lived there at a time in my life)  Name: 
Laurel Highlands/Southern Alleghenies
Marker Location: 
LR 6406 Mt. Pleasant Road, on V.F.D. property, Norvelt
Dedication Date: 
September 8, 2002
Behind the Marker 

Black and white map outlining Norvelt.
Norvelt, Westmoreland County, Pa., circa 1959.
In 1933, as part of the sweeping National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), Congress allocated $25 million for the creation of "subsistence homesteads" for dislocated industrial workers. Over the course of the program's eleven-year history, the federal government seeded nearly 100 planned, cooperative communities. Norvelt, in southwestern Pennsylvania, was the fourth.

The idea for the program owed much to a "back to the land" movement, popularized by American idealists who promoted small-scale subsistence farming as an antidote to the economic exploitation and alienation of modern life. In the 1920s, the idea gained currency among a wide variety of progressive organizations, including church-related groups such as the markerAmerican Friends Service Committee (AFSC).
But then big business came on the scene, and we all got office jobs. And I went to work, too, because why should men have all the fun?
So I got dressed up , dropped the kids off at the public school and  daycare, spent hours in the car, sat at a desk for even longer hours, took half an hour at noon and raced to a nearby fast food place. worked at night at Restaurants  and thought I was having fun.......



So sorry I have been do busy and into other adventures .......my blog our good earth is ready to get you back to organic gardening.... nature ....herbs.... and much more
I am down to my last few jars of peppers ... and my pepper seedlings are starting to sprout ! I am very excited about a brand new garden boxes my husband  has made me and  we tore down the old fence ..
Spring is here  ... as all my healing herbs are emerging from the ground ... for another year of making salves and beauty products for our company Oopsie daisy seriously pure ..... check out our face book page ... as well as my other BLOG    " Oopsie Daisy"   
see you soon!!!